Module 3 - Tools for the Job ( Section Leaders )



Note : These objectives must be met for the section with which the adult is currently working
Outline the main features of their Section including the age range, theme, groupings of young people and the decision making and programme planning processes
Demonstrate the main ceremonies used in their Section ( opening, closing, presenting badges etc. )
Explain the roles and responsibilities that different people ( adults and young people ) undertake during a Section meeting
Detail various sources of "ready made" programme ideas
Run or facilitate part of a Section meeting
Explain why different types of games are an important part of the programme
Outline the important criteria for games in Scouting
Introduce ( and run ) a game/activity to their Section

The following methods of learning are available for this module

  Small Group - undertaken locally dates are available via Local Training Managers  
  One to One - arranged by the Local Training Manager  
  E-Learning - contact the Local Training Manager or Click Here