The Training Modules

1. Essential Information   12B. Program Planning   LTA Achieving Results   27. Instructing Practical Skills
2. Personal Learning Plan   13. Growing the Section   LTE Enabling Change   28. Facilitating
3. Tools for the Role (Section)   14. Supporting Young People   LTM Managing Time and Personal Skills   29. Presenting
4. Tools for the Role (Managers)   15. Promoting Positive Behaviour   LTP Providing Direction   30. Supporting Local Learning
5. Fundemental Values of Scouting   16. Residential Experiences   LTS Safety for Managers and Supporters   31. Planning a Learning Experience
6. Changes in Scouting   17. Running Safe Activities   LTU Using Resources   32. Delivering a Learning Experience
7. Scouting for All   18. Teaching Practical Skills   LTW Working with People   33. Planning a Learning Provision
8. Skills of Leadership   19. International         34. Managing a Learning Provision
9. Working with Adults               35. Internal Moderation
10. First Aid               36. Additional Needs
11. Administration    
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  37. Appointments Advisory Committee
12A. Delivering a Quality Program               38. Skills for Residential Experiences